20 Februar 2012

Behind the doors...

How many doors have you opened today? 
How many have you closed? 
How many stridden? 
And, how many doors have you passed by without even bearing in mind that something could have waited for you on their other side?
Were you conscious about it?

Between the first door we pass with our birth and the last inevitable one that is waiting for all of us one day, doors are a centre point of our existences...

One can open a door for you but you have to step in yourself!

So, step into this journey which may show you paths, doors, taken and missed opportunities... eventually its your task to find your personnel path!

28 Dezember 2011

aradona compagnie wishes everybody a lot of candles during the dark winter nights and 
a happy new year 2012.

Our show in Berlin january 12 had to be canceled. 
We are looking for another date for this premiere in Germany.

07 August 2011

Amersfoort - Residenz - residency - résidence

Spoffin Festival - Produktionsresidenz "Hinter den Türen"
Nach kurzer Eingewöhnung und der Organisation des neuen Alltäglichen ist die Produktion in vollem Gange. Bereits ist die erste Woche vorbei.

Spoffin Festival - residency for the production "Hinter den Türen" (Behind the doors)
After a short familiarization and the organization of our new every day life - the production is underway. 
Already one week has passed.

Spoffin Festival - résidence de création "Hinter den Türen" (derrière les portes)
Après une courte accoutumance et l'organisation de notre nouvelle vie quotidienne - la production batte son plein. Déjà une semaine est passée.

Unterstützt von unserem wundervollen Proberaum

Though due to the support of our wonderful rehearsal space 

Pourtant grâce à notre espace de création merveilleux 


und der Inspiration des Aufführungsortes

and the inspiration we got from the performance venue

et l'inspiration donnée par le futur  lieu de la performance

(Armen de Poth)

scheinen wir jedoch auf das Produkt mehrerer Wochen zu schauen.

it seems as if we look on the product of several weeks here.

on a l'impression de voir le résultat de plusieurs semaines de travail.